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Kadapa, March 15, (
Vontimitta Brahmotsavam from 24.The second of Ayodhya Kodandaramalaya Brahmotsavas, popularly known as Ayodhya, will be held on the 24th of this month. The TTD officials have not yet reviewed the issue of festive management and devotional facilities. Arrangements have to be completed within 13 days. So far, the Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam with the District administration does not have any discussions. On the other hand, the Tatti focuses on the completion of the funeral processes taking place on the occasion of the Brahmotsavam. Chief Minister Chandrababu announced the development of Ramalingam at Rs 100 crore during the first TATA celebrations. District residents believe that it would be good if the findings and poster inventions could have been done in the monolith rather than in the TTD building. Thereby campaigning for Brahmotsavas across the state. There are several poster innovations and reviews of the temple in Tirupati. So the Tatte is lying on the grounds that the unmity of the Brahmotsavas is not popular. There are criticisms that EO Singal has not yet seen. The local people are unable to digest the Tatie's attitude. There is a difference in the fact that they have lost their partnership. There are variations in comparison to the arrangements with the Brahmotsavas. In the past, the TTDO Samo Siva Rao held a review meeting with the district administration and TTD officials to coordinate the activities of Brahmotsavam. At that time, Kalyana Platform was set up with a total cost of Rs.3.20 crores. 


The TTD officials believe that the expenditure will increase at the rate of Rs.3.50 crores this year. The building complex is constructed with a fortune of Rs 5 crore for pilgrims, pilgrims and tourists to visit the temple. The building was constructed at Rs.3.20 crores. Other infrastructure will be provided by Rs 1.83 crore. Last year, TTD Chairman Chathalvada Krishnamurthy Shank was founded. Last year wanted to start with the CE. But it did not. This is not available. Devotees want to get this opportunity available. There are doubts about whether TTD can correct the mistakes made during the 2012 Brahmotsavam. There is no proper lunch for the devotees. RTC buses were not established near the temple. Most pilgrims were unable to see Kalyanam. They did not receive the pearls of the Swami. The toilets and drinking water supply is limited to the same. Devotees want to go ahead with the TTD's advance plan, rather than repeat the past mistakes. They claim that the Brahmotsavas are succeeding if the Tatti takes full advantage of the district administration in that direction.

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