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Vijayawada,March 10,(
Flexies set up by TDP leader Katragadda Babu Once again comes under issue.A week ago, Posters like this, Then the state BJP leaders made an issue.If TDP leaders do more TDP will see the end There Threatened.However, with these posters created by sensation, Chief Minister Chandrababu, Soon the orders remove the posters.However, now, the Telugu Desam ministers, once again in the wake of the departure of the Union Cabinet, have set up the Katragadda Babu Flexi.Congress killed the mother, The BJP's baby is throat, Telugu people who embark on Congress will brainwash BJP.Then the posters went out.BJP leaders have once again been angry about the hoardings in Bezawada ...Like this repeat again we are not tolerance...More than what is said to the state of Andhra Pradesh, Sure enough, the BJP is damaging the state, says.These posters have become more and more debate in the wake of the latest incident.The Flex, set up last week, is similar."You told the Lok Sabha in anticipation of the fact that the Congress party had put up the doors of Parliament and unnecessarily split Andhra Pradesh thanks you for this... Today you will open the door of the TDP at the BJP rule and divide the dividend guarantees.Our Telugu people are so excited about this.So far, our commitments are not fulfilled and the race will not forgive you, "he said.


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