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Vijayawada,February 8,(
Six Rajya Sabha members from Telugu Desam will end soon. Three of those seats will go to Telangana and three more AP will be deployed. TRS can win in three seats. As well as tape to win in two seats in AP The Vice-Chancellor's election is not as easy as the party has already changed its MLAs from Vaikappa. TDP candidate will be in the third seat. At the same time, the Congress MP Chiranjeevi has been forced to join the party. Minister Banja Srinivasa Rao seems to have played a key role. There is no profit in the Congress party.


That is why he thinks he is good in TDP. How politics cannot be done in AP As long as Gandhi was alive, the AP had no confidence in the Congress. That is why Chiranjeevi is getting ready to leave Congress. You're okay I'm talking to our boss that the minister is straining the tribes. Still, no clarity came from the little girl. Now the party is going to become an MP for the seat. I do not like it coming. Chiranjeevi has been forced to run the Praja Rajyam Party. That is why the party was merged with the Congress. Now the brother-in-law Pawan Kalyan is going to Janssen and goes to the public. He does not have a big smile on TDP chief Chandrababu. That's why the heroes of older brother and brother are in the same party with an affiliate of real life. It is said that something will soon be a key decision.

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