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Hyderabad,February 8,(
Briquettes set up in 2014 are yet to be completed by the separation of the Secretariat buildings allocated to Telangana and AP states. Although the fence between the two state government buildings in the Secretariat is no longer available, this fence remains the same. Due to the elimination of the fence, there is a feeling of dividing line between the two states. It continues on the fence of the Pakistan-bordering border. Those who see this fountain also have a mind. There is no hostile attitude unless there is a good atmosphere between the two state governments and the chief ministers after the division of the state. 


Despite the little problems, they are going to be solved.The central government has included the division of the law for the continuation of Hyderabad as a common capital for the two states for 10 years. The headquarters of different departments, including the Secretariat and DGP offices, were allotted to the Head of the Departments. The governor was divided by the central government to divide the buildings. There were nine-story buildings in the sanctuary, four of which were allocated to Telangana and five buildings to the EP. For the first year, the EP regime was from Hyderabad. Later the Secretariat, Legislative Assembly, and various government headquarters moved to Amravati near Vijayawada. The constituencies of the Secretariat and other branches allocated to the EP are owned by the AP Government. No one has any trouble at all. The fence was set up in 2014 in the Secretariat to allocate the buildings allocated to Telangana and the buildings allocated to the EP. It was then necessary. Now the situation has changed. There is nothing to do with this fence. The old gateway is used to go to the AP Secretariat buildings. Telangana Secretariat has set up a new specialty gateway to NTR Park to go to the buildings. Along with the staff working in the Secretariat of Telangana, all visitors are going from inside the old gate. The fence was unlikely to cause traffic to the vehicle. The employees and visitors face serious difficulties. The idea is that the need to make the highest decision on the issue of removing the fence is still in the forefront.

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