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February 8,(
As everybody in the country has twelve digit Aadhaar card, now the Modi government is ready to give Aadhaar number of persons. The Aadhaar card is mandatory for everyone and is prepared to give the sensor number to the cattle while discussing and discussing the government's decision on various governmental issues. The Union Ministry of Agriculture has stated that by giving a unique identification number for livestock, the livestock and the country's wealth will be increased. For this, he spent Rs 50 crore in the latest budget. Each cow earns eight to ten rupees for the identity cards and is getting ready for the first four hours of cows. First, this proposal was taken in 2015 but could not be implemented due to arguments and disputes over the Aadhaar card. It has now been allocated funds for the latest budget and opened for livestock calculation and preservation. 


It is also debatable that the Modi Government and the Aryan government have already been trying to provide such a recognition number for those who already have a mandatory requirement for Aadhaar and to all of them. Already belief in Aadhaar for personal information confidentiality or Congress and Trinamool leaders are not required to register their details. On the other hand, in the name of Go Protection, events are happening in different states, and it is only a matter of saffronization. The boom of Hindutva forces has continued in many forms since Narendra Modi's presidency as Prime Minister. That's one of the conservation. The goons have gone out that the cow is sacred and the worship is sacred. The RSS and the Vishwa Hindu Parishad were among the various states in the name of the custodians. Several attacks took place across the country from attacking and killing a man named Azhak, who was hiding in his home. Dietary habits are also directed. The cows are being moved to the slaughterhouses, the cow has the skin and the beans are eating it, and the way the human being forces to protect the cow is being brought to the country. The rural and urban areas of different religions and racial symbi- things are suspicious, intolerable and fearful in the shade. In this complex social environment, the Modi government has a new program called Aadhaar number as a positive action by the Mehdi government. The government's decision to double agricultural revenues by 2022 is aimed at promoting animal husbandry and promoting dairy products. 

In the developed agriculture community like India, livestock cannot be separated from agriculture. Reality. However, special care should be taken on animal husbandry, preservation, and reproduction of livestock. In a scientific manner, a special function should be introduced for the upliftment of cattle and buffaloes. Approximately 200 crores for animal husbandry in the country and it should be assumed that agriculture revenue will be doubled to cattle. Surprisingly, it is ridiculous that milk production will increase by 20 percent by giving a unique identification number for cows. What Modi has to say, his followers are taking the form of consolidation. If the country is subjected to majoritarianism and threatening the attacks, the Yogi is still rubbing the state with his garbage in UP. As soon as the Yogi CE, the saffron roof of the five-story building constructed during the reign of VP Singh, Also in the 1939 historic Kaisershag Police Station was patented. When you change power, you do not have the first to change the color of road transit buses. In UP, buses are changing colors in the last fifteen years. Soon after the BSP came into power, it became blue and white. 

When Samajwadi Party came into power, it turned into red and green. Now, with the arrival of Jodi Adityanath, they are turning into the saffron. It should be noted that in the end, the Hajj office in Lucknow did not leave. The Minister of Minority Affairs Mohsin Raza justified the fact that it is a saffron color, saffron light, and energy signal! It is natural that the political party has a flag color in its ideology. But the BJP has left it and faced the tide of the saffron flag. It is a matter of controversy that the cuisine, which was printed as a religious symbol in the country of different religions and cultures, has purified and sacrificed every coconut animal cow. Such actions are not directed to the party and the ruling party for the welfare of the masses. It's hard.

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