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Guntur,February 2,(
In Narasaraopeta, Guntur District Municipal Minister Narayana, Speaker Kodela Sivaprasadarao visited. Originally the Narasaraopeta municipality developed the cemetery of the cemetery, the roads in the town and the divisions between them. Later, the Metam Bazaar, Dwarka Building, laid the foundation stone for Sadbhavan and started a power sub-station at the Emarvo office. Later, Narasaraopeta Bhuvan Chandra Town Hall was inaugurated by the municipal council.After the event, Minister Narayana was honored with the municipal department.


Talking to Speaker Kodela, the development of programs in Narasuupeta town with around Rs 10 crore has been made. With a cost of Rs 5 crore, the power subsidy has been started, and the first in Narasaraopeta is the first 50 shops in the capital. All parties, people and teachers asked for advice on how Narasurupeta was developed. We would like to use this house again to form the Narasrubapete Development Scheme. Minister Narayana said that in the municipalities of the state Narasar Rao municipality is the fastest growing town and I was happy to hear that Speaker Kodela built 22 thousand toilets. 

I was a municipal minister and I was in the hands of the authorities and why I did not want to take this initiative. Soon the authorities were ordered. Closely completed boats. It was inspired by the Kodela Shivprasadaravu that later in the construction of toilets in India was first in Andhra Pradesh and said that soon NARSARAVUPATA municipality would grant Rs 90 crore grant.

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