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Hyderabad,February 13,(
Telangana Telugu teems to bring new blood to the Telugu Desam Party in the twinkling day. The Telugu Desam Party is preparing to establish a party that is struggling to live on the grounds of birth. Even if the party is not today, the youngsters want to put in the junior NTR in order to advance the predecessor of the predecessor. Telangana Telugu Desam Party is deteriorating day after the migrants are migrating to the party leadership. The party still has a strong cadre in many districts. The BCC has a vote bank along with the Kamma community and the TDP. In addition, the social community is also with the Telugu Desam Party. In these circumstances, the Telugu Desam Party has joined the TRS and the senior leaders of the Muthukulipally Narasimha have made a revolt. Muttukpalli is also predicting immigrants. In this situation, the TDP wants to get to the junior NTR in order to get the Telugu Desam Party in Telangana. If Jr. NTR does not take the reins of the party, Brahmin will be in the fray. 


Demand for party responsibilities in NTR's blood relationship is heard from the Telugu Desam Party. But there is also a campaign on the issue of Brahmins that the party chief Chandrababu has already given clarity. Some seniors cite the fact that Brahmins did not come into politics. The junior NTR or the sister of Brahmin, who is the head of the party, will not be able to do the same unless it comes to the former glory of the party, but it is not possible. Because there are differences between the junior family with the Chandrababu family. In addition, it is also questionable whether the junior will come into politics now. Jr. NTR has been a campaign for some more time movies. And if you get to NTR, will you come to party responsibilities in Telangana? Whether or not the Party's responsibilities in Andhra are a hot topic. As the 2019 polls are very close to him, the junior NTR will be able to come in full political politics in 2024. 

There are also some activists claiming that the junior NTR should convince them to cast a ballot in 2019. Will Telangana TDP need a junior service in the wake of a campaign to tie up with TRS in Telangana already? That's what's going on in discussions. How many seats are given to the TDP? Will the junior propagate in their seats? Whether they are campaigning for TDP and TRS, all the big leaders are trying to calm the TDP, "said Magnanti Srinivas, a native of Nalgonda district. Speaking to AsianetNet, he expressed his willingness to advance the TDP in Telangana if the junior NTR walks in the field. He was not .. but Brahmin but he said that any of the two should come. NTR is going to have a party when it comes to blood. That's the point of reference.

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