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Mumbai,February 13,(
In the number one Test team in Test cricket, the team traveled to South Africa. Indian cricket fans were keen on how to play safari on the Indian side, which has gained rivals in their home country. But there is no competition between India and South Africa. It seems to be between Kohli and Safaris. This may seem exaggerated to hear, but statistics make it clear. There are no other batsmen who can survive on safari, except for Kohli and another Delhi batsman Shikhar Dhawan. This is also the case in the limited overs series in the Test. Virat Kohli is the only player to score a century from India in the three-match Test series, which is not good for the batsman. And also the top scorer in the Test series is also a disaster. Kohli scored 286 runs at an average of 47.66.


Hardik Pandya is from India. He scored 119 runs at 19.83. All 93 runs were scored in the Centurion Test. In the other innings, he scored only 26 runs. After Pandya, Murali Vijay (102 runs, average 17), Chateshwar Pujara (100 runs, average 16.66), Bhuvneshwar Kumar (101 runs, average 33.66) were able to get 100 runs. However, the bowlers have more influence than the batsmen in this series. That is why nobody cares about the batsmen. This is the same situation in ODIs. Virat Kohli made 393 runs with two fours and two sixes in his four ODIs. The average is 196.50. Here are the highest runs. Rohit Sharma, who has been in good form in the past, has been a disappointment for the world record for three double centuries in ODIs. He scored only 40 runs (average 10) in four matches. 

Two half-centuries later, Kohli is the second highest scorer in Dhawan's series with a century. Dhawan has scored 271 runs at an average of 35, 51 not out, 76 and 109. Ajinkya Rahane, who scored 79 runs in the one-day internationals, also lost his chances. He scored 98 runs (3 innings) in four matches. Hardy Pandya, who went on the safari tour with huge expectations, was also disappointed. In all three innings, he scored 26 runs. Shreyas Iyer, who played only one match, made 18 runs. Former captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni made 56 runs in three innings. There are two knots. Dhoni's 43 runs in the fourth ODI on Saturday helped the team. However, Dhoni has a great deal to do well with the team. However, the current situation is seen in the 90s. When Sachin Tendulkar wicket up, the opponents thought that they would have been left out of the job. Now it looks like it's repeating itself. If Kohli runs in South Africa, the runs scored by the batsman are not enough. The World Cup is going to take place in another 16 months. The team has to prepare for this Major Tournament. Analysts say it is not good to rely on the whole team captain in such situations. Let's see if the rest of the batsmen will rise again!

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