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The temperatures are likely to increase this year

Hyderabad, Jan 8, ( the latest report of the Environment Protection, Training and Research Institute, the average temperature in Telangana in the last three decades is likely to rise further to 1.5 degrees. In the near future, Nalgonda district has the highest temperatures. Worldwide Environmental Impact Assessment Increases in tropical weather Already southwest with the influence of Elilo, this normal monsoon has been fatal in the sequence. It has been reported that rains in four days of rain are expected to fall in four days. Since 1980, temperatures and periods have been taken into consideration. In the state, the total temperature rose to 0.4 degree Celsius. EPTRI has explained the situation in areas where change is high. The average temperature in Medak district is 31.9 to 34.1 degrees Celsius, Hyderabad at 32.2 to 33.2 degrees Celsius, Mahaboobnagar 33 to 33.9 Degrees, Hammakonda at 33.6 to 34.6 Degree and Nizamabad 33.4 to 34.6 Degree. EPTRI scientists have shown that the tropics have risen to 48 degrees Celsius in Nallagonda and Ramagunda. Daytime temperatures in Hanmakonda, Ramagundam, Nalgonda, Nizamabad and Khammam districts are likely to rise from 48 to 49 degrees Celsius. Thermal power plants in Jammu and Karimnagar, Khammam and Warangal districts are likely to increase due to temperatures. In the near future, Nalgonda district has the highest temperatures. However, APPTI has stated that Telangana government has initiated a new initiative like Telengana, greenery and Mission Kakatiya. Solar and windpower will be fully utilized by the government on the basis of the war and suggest that daylight temperatures can not be increased if the vehicle can reduce vehicle contamination. EPTII has been studying weather conditions in the state from 2015 to March 2016 after Telangana state was formed. What precautions should be taken to cope with the changes in the environment? How to protect the environment EPTRI has made some specific instructions in its report on how to sustain sustainable development by maintaining environmental balance. At present Telangana weather conditions are not adverse, says the situation in Telangana, compared to the states where the environment has been deteriorating. According to the Department of Environment, Environment and Climate Change, the EPTRI will create a report once in four years. Study in Andhra Pradesh in 1999, 2003 and 2009. This is the first report in Telangana. Forests, Environment, Biodiversity, Water Resources, Irrigation, Agriculture, Its Associated Sectors, Electricity, Mineral Resources, Environmental Pollution, Waste Management, Forestry, Forestry, Industry is the state of the enviroment of 17 sectors development and environmental impact Ment report ganankalatosaha enshrined in -2015. The steering committee was chaired by the Chief Secretary of the state government for making this report. EPTRI Director General Kalyan Chakravarti and Advisor SD Mukherjee are prominent scientists such as N. Sunilah, Seshachalam, Chief Secretaries of all government departments, 20 specialists of various departments, scientists and researchers. Impacts of rainfall and rainfall in the state can cause lightning floods. Scientists have shown that 200 to 355 millimeters have been affected by the last days in Hyderabad, Adilabad, Nizamabad, Bhadrachalam, Ramagundam, Hanmakonda, Khammam and Medak districts. The highest rainfall of 675 mm was recorded on the same day in Khaimah district Koiada. Some specific measures have been taken to prevent damage. Build flood water columns to cope with torrential rains, increase the length of the cal, length of ponds and increase trees. EPTRI scientists claim that it is an invitation to plant ponds under the Mission Kakatiya Scheme in the State 

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