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Biometric difficulties for older persons

Nalgonda, Jan 8, ( though Telangana state government has been promoting the privileged pension scheme, it is likely that the local authorities' negligence will be deteriorated. The elderly have been accused of not being paid for four months since the government is publishing the pension money every month, while neglecting to distribute local authorities. In the sub-phase of the Farooqnagar zone, 183 old age pensions, 90 disabled pensions, 292 widow pensions, four weaving pensions, five streetcar pensions and 43 single woman pensions are in the post office. 7.72 lakhs from the government each month to pension beneficiaries. Older people have complained that the absence of biomaterials in the sub-phosphate has a long delay in delivering pensions. There are villages like Ettitta, Rangampalli, Rangadala, Kishnagar, Chinnodu, Dodapalli, Kandivanam, and Manriy under the Mogiglig subscription. Despite the biometric missions to distribute pensions in these villages, the absence of a local sub-phosphate is a liar. After delivering in various villages in the past, the pyrets were distributed to the villagers who took the biometric missions. Local sub-foist officials have stated that data from biometric missions to pension beneficiaries will only be from 1st to 10th, and not later on. The pension money is going to be paid for four months from sub-fosters, but the elderly have been accused of failure. The pension beneficiaries want the government to take steps to formulate the biomedric mission specifically for sub-post

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