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Shilparamam in Visakhapatnam

Vizag, January 8, ( is a picturesque tourist spot in Visakhapatnam. As long as the joint Andhra Pradesh, the sculptures have become a popular tourist destination. After the division of the state, the development of Visakhapatnam architecture has been demolished. Vishakha sculpture of Vishakhapatnam, which is known for its many traditional artifacts, is now artificially turned into idyllic form. Vishakha sculpture was created in 2009 by Madhya Pradesh in the Madurawada area of the city, at a height of 28 acres. The main purpose of the sculpture is to express the culture and traditions of the state and the various traditions and cultures of the country to all the people. Visakhapatnam attracts tourists due to the arranging of artifacts in different styles of architecture in the form of sculpture. The tourism department, Udaa, left the winds of the unmatched sculpture of the city and now it has become a part of the unorganized events. Kkalu tappamaremi stanikulu talapistundani blame barren land there. At least the people who are at the same time to clean it. When the powers come, you will say that the actions will be taken immediately, but the result is nonsense. In the evening, the drugs are coming here and they are doing unskilled activities and local women are struggling with them. The government still wants to fund the sculpture and promote the tradition of the culture of Vishakha culture

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