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Warangal, Jan 30, (
Sammakka, Saralamma. For many centuries, the nirajanas  of the vanadevathas in the history of history, but in the folk tales of the fairy, tinkers are seen as audiences. That is why once the tribals were only worshipers, the girls now fell into the heart of the ancestor. The crocodile devotees who come to the next two-year January are converted to gold. The specifics found in Madaratara are not visible in the folk. Here the Vedic mantras are not heard .. Religions are not visible... The idol is not a matter of origin, but the millions of people who move here will be exposed to devotion. Many of the districts in Telangana are similar to Medaram. In the Karimnagar Joint District, the Divisional Department is carrying out 32 races. Unrecognized is visible in tens of districts throughout the district. Similar to the tribal traditions, like the medieval. 

                                                                 FOUR DAYS LEFT

Telangana Kumbh Mela is the venue, Sarika Fair. This celebration, which is 900 years old, takes place every two years. Janatha was once a local tribal celebration. But since the 1940s, the people of the state are celebrating. There are a lot of stories about these stories. It looks amply inclined. Each story revolves around the war against the Kakatiyas and the tribals due to the tribute. In the stories of the Koalaiyalai stories, the songs mentioned in the singing songs are more likely to be mentioned, except that there are no written or written statues. In a folklore story, we know that the subculture is born in our area. Today's Jagatthala District Center is a nearby tribal ruler Madaraju, a tribal ruler. The child who does not have a child is in the forest. She raised her up and married her nephew's ruler to the brothel. There are three children of Saraswati, Nagulamma, and Jampanna, who are the father of the king. The first lord of the Kakatiya lord invaded the country for the expansion of the state. Madara J went to his daughter's house and hid the head to cope with the attack. He is not a tyrant of the year due to the famines of the king, his son-in-law, The Lord's Prataparudra war on the grounds of the king's overturning the king's power and the revolutionary feelings in the Koya tribes were ruined against Kakatiya sovereignty. His prime minister invaded Prataparudra along with the Euphrates. The king, Sammaka, Saralamma, Nagamma and Jambanna Govinda Raju, who had resisted traditional weapons, got out of a different battle with guerrilla warfare. Some of these are dead. The suicide jumps in the throbbing stream and not succumb to the humiliation of hearing loss. The fierce battle in the battlefield, in the end of the enemy, went to the mud and hit the enemy. She did not look for those who went looking for it. But there is a bare grain with yellow saffron. It seems to be fair to be fair and fair. Another story is also in the campaign. The 13th century is considered to be a goddess to become the people of the Medaram area, where the drought-stricken forests are in need. When the time was gone, Kochadarai saw a baby staring at a mosque. At that time the tigers and lions were protected by her. The Koil saw this scene and considered her as a devotee of life, and took the name of herself and gave her the name of the kiss. In her famine, she has taken her as a goddess. A lethal handful leaf pad is the same for any disease. When the young man came to the dungeon, the bride married the king to rule the table.

 They have a son, Salaalamma, Nagulamma. The folk tale of the fairy tale goes back to history. The stories of the Kakatiya kings are tarnished, dancing, saralamma, raising them to the ground, and being seen as a comedian kunkuma barani In terms of folktales, in the history of the folk tales, The belief is that the nadis are from the tribals, making it the householder for the home crowd. That's why Madaratri Haridwar celebrated the biggest festival after Kumbh Mela. Spread across Telangana. Every two years, there will be an oceanic excellence in all the districts, along with the conclave and the fair. Festivals throughout the day will last for four days. The maternal grandmothers, the slogan offering, the lime rice, the sidewalks of flowers, the jaggery, the koala, the tribal tribal dances and the Arabian tigers are all the same. On the full moon day, the Manhwa is held. The Koopas are celebrating their festivities. On the first day from Kannapalli saralamma and the second day of the kudakalu pitcher in the form of kunkuma barani is taken to the conduit. The duplicates are draped between drums and drums. Devotees who migrate from the first day of the day, will be given a large number of third days and will be assigned to the mothers. On the fourth day, the nuns will be resurrected.

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