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Prices of disturbing raw materials

Guntur, Jan 8, ( Delay is causing serious concerns to real estate traders. With the lack of sales in projects that have not yet been finalized by the capital designs, no new ones are launched to start new projects. Over 3 crore sq ft constructions worth Rs 10,000 crore in the Amravati range have been confused with the fact that the buyers are not coming forward with the intention of buying up after the next election, a former national president of Crete. Shekhar Reddy explained. Banks are not going to give loans. Sekhar Reddy said that after the partition, most of the people, including NRIs, are willing to buy houses and places. At present, about 20,000 flats are ready for sale and new 6,000 flats have already started, according to CREDAI representatives. Withdrawal of big banknotes, the rising raw material prices are now worrying the real estate sector that has fallen behind GST. Kreeday AP chapter president Shivareddy expressed his disappointment that the steel and cement prices have increased over the past few days and the decline in sand availability has led to the industry. Tonnes steel price has reached Rs 35,000 to Rs 50,000. Cement prices and wage rates have also increased and there is a need to raise prices up to Rs 150 - Rs 200 in the absence of adequate sand supplies.

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