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Ration cards that exceed families in AP

Vijayawada, Jan 9, ( Chandrababu said that families are divided for ration cards. Whether there is a real situation or not is disagreement. Let's look at the actual situation. People living together in a single family take separate separate ration cards. As a result, the number of applications is increasing. If he has a ration card, his father and daughter are at home and they are applying for a ration card. The result is that we have to give ration cards to all. The country has a common family system. Fathers, sons, grandchildren, and grandchildren are to meet. Son and Kodalai went to work for their job, but they have ration cards in their own name. The government has landed in such a way to remove such ration cards. 20,000 ration cards were removed in the event of the event. But the fingerprints, which are not Irish, are now in the number of people who have rationed merchandise every month. The government issued 50.07 lakh ration cardholders in Andhra Pradesh. In May 2017, 18 lakh cardholders did not take rice due to the lack of fingerprints. 18.72 lakh in June and 18.36 lakh cardholders in July did not take rice. In August, this figure increased to 19,17,633. By September, October, November, December had crossed 20 million. The resulting ration is missing. It is true that the authorities say that they are fraudulent. But now more than 20 lakh applications have come to the new government. Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu told the truth at the same time. Ration cards and pinchans are all about the families that have to break apart. In order to benefit from government schemes, it has been suggested that cards and pensions should not be split. He said that the party gifts will be considered based on the number of members rather than the family members. It is not advisable to separate from families for the benefit of government schemes. People who are looking after their parents will get home and government benefits in Singapore, said Chandrababu. It is not advisable to split into government schemes

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