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Mahesh with Prabhas and Bharat Ano with Soho

Hyderabad, Jan 9, ( is busy with the movie 'Bharat' with 'Saro' movie. Prabhas has become the international star with the movie Baahubali. Suji is directing the movie 'Sawo'. Mahesh Babu's latest movie 'Mahesh Babu' is going to be a big hit in the upcoming movie 'Saro' and 'Bharat I Am'. Back in the film 'Bharat I' was a movie shooting. Mahesh and heroine Kaira Advani are also present in the film, which is scheduled to start in Sankarpalli in Hyderabad. The shooting of the movie is based on the 'Sawo' unit of Dubai's recently filming action episode. Shooting will be done. In this new schedule from tomorrow, hero Prabhas and heroine Shraddapuri will be joining together.

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