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Goa needs foreign tourists

Panaji, January 9, ( anyone who does not want to see Goa in the heavenly paradise? However, Goa is home to tourists. The Foreign Minister said it was the same. Goa's highest revenue comes from tourism. Recently the number of tourists in Goa has grown tremendously. However, that does not mean that Minister Vijay Surdasai does not like ... Goa's tourism is more expensive. Domestic tourists need to get back to Goa. Tourist revenue is not based on travelers, but they are based on their cost. The number of Goa tourists rose from around 64 million. We do not need much. The number of expatriates can be increased and the number of those who can spend a lot of money will be increased. "According to government figures, a national tourist in India and overseas travels to Goa at an average cost of Rs 31,500, while foreign tourists spend Rs 87,000. As a result, the GoAA tourism industry is more efficient and alien to the foreigners. "People are asking why the country's tourism, why do you look down too?" However, if the tourism of Andhra Pradesh is attracted to Goa, the tourism of Andhra Pradesh can be a good source of income. And whether the AP government has heard this

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