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4 thousand cards by banks

Nallagonda, January 6, ( government has focused on the ways in which the state government has to make a successful 4,000 rupee scheme to be successful. The government is concerned that if the bank deposits are deposited in their bank accounts, the risk of excluding banks in the name of old arrears is a matter of concern. The initiation has begun on alternate routes. Whether the issuance of rupee cards, whether in the form of bank DDs, in checks, in cash or in the form of mobile wastes, is being discussed at various levels. Whatever it is, the government hopes to fully utilize four thousand rupees farmers for kharif crops and the money to be fully rewarded. The government hoped to deposit the money in the farmers' bank accounts first. However, banks are exempted from the old arrears, but they have come to the conclusion that the scheme is deteriorating as a result. This has focused on a strong implementation policy. Last week, the authorities met in the Secretariat to discuss the alternative policies in the secretariat. But came to the conclusion that the pilot was to be implemented in a village before clarifying. Officials have come up with an assessment of how the cashless transaction scheme in Sidipeta district was successful and collected details and selected a village based on the clearance from the pilot. The government is concerned that the government will not be able to make a profit of Rs. 4,000 / - as a pilot project to ensure full access to farmers. The government has already come up with a clarity on the implementation of the scheme without regard to the banks. It is clear that in the state of the pesticide cleansing process, approximately one million acres of land is cultivated. The government has estimated that a sum of Rs. The government is confident that the benefits will be fulfilled if the farmers are given the full benefits of such funding. There is a view in the authorities that farmers' limitations in the use of bank dDs, checks, mobile waste etc. may have some difficulties. The new scheme of issuing rupee cards will be a success for the scheme. If the money is given in the form of cash and impropriety, Ebrahimpur was studying the Bhagavad Gita, studying the village and examining the field level and analyzing the impacts in implementation and then implementing the pilot project.

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