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Hyderabad, Jan 17, (
Several e-commerce firms have announced large schedules to keep the Sankranthi festival in place. Some companies have offered up to 40-65 percent of electronics and clothing products. Fifty percent on mobile phones and 90% discount on footwear. So, are the fact that these online companies are sold? Nakiliva? There is a doubt that many people are concerned. This is the reason for many events in the past! In December last year, an English channel revealed that most of the products sold online were counterfeit products.


In the Channel Research, many e-commerce and vendors are known to offer fake goods online to customers, rather than on ordinary days, at the same time as e-commerce websites are sold at discounted prices. Experts say that there are many errors in IT law. Twenty days ago, the American Athletic Footwear brand 'Sketches' on the prominent e-commerce company 'Flipkart', which was set up by retailers, retail, tech connects, unit logistics, and marco wagon sold for selling their counterfeit products.

 You know what's up! Flipkart spokespersons said that it was a matter of concern for the customer and the sellers that they would be the only intermediary between the sellers and the custodian of the case. In the course of three years Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste, Kelvin Klein, Lewis and Superdary have to be faced with a large number of counterfeit products, such as fraudulent fraudulent products that are not responsible for the quality of the products and sellers, Avoidance turned out to be a constant. Finally, there are cases of manufacturer companies that manufacture the object, even 'the thing we manufactured, that you do not feel similar to the delivery material'.

 All of this, in the end, is conscious that the consumer is losing. According to the Consumer Protection Act, the product manufacturers have to sell their products at the same price, subject to government regulations, on-line or offline. Users who share their products will also be shared. The law states that the e-commerce company, the seller, the manufacturer and the three are obliged to buy the goods. However, it does not live anywhere. It is sad that the Consumer Ministry has already issued orders to issue retail details of various items that are sold online, manufactured date, manufacturers and other details. Yet, the Ministry of Consumer Affairs officials and the government will stop the fake fraud which is on the online platform and hope to see the paddy's pockets unfocused

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