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Mayaadari pandemic

Amaravati, January 6 ( programs are taking place across the country. AP is losing. In Andhra Pradesh, the number of deaths of TB (tuberculosis) has been recorded to exceed the national average. According to 2016, 32 of the 1 lakh diabetic patients die in the country. That is the fourth place in the death toll of that year. In the first place Uttar Pradesh was followed by Maharashtra and Gujarat. Statistics say that AP has come to second place in 2017. In AP, 2,764 people died in 2015 and 3,997 deaths were reported by October 2016. In the state of Telangana, the death toll in 2015 is 1,926 and in 2016 alone,
            The health care neglect is the reason behind the deaths in the state. Tuberculosis prevention program is completely deteriorated. Doctors' tours in villages were stalled. The Center will allocate funds to the states under the name 'Modified National Decodulation Prevention Program'. Do not use them properly. There seems to be some money transferred to other schemes. This does not happen to patients in the field at every level of medication. Diabetic patients should regularly use drugs. In one day, the immune system in their body will be reduced to a mortal condition. The health department officials are aware of this matter.

The drugs were discontinued between November and December 2017. The National Health Mission will be funded by the state from Rs 20 crore to Rs 25 crore annually. In 2015, the Center has allocated Rs 22 crore to the state, but health officials spent only Rs 20 crore. Around Rs 22 crore was provided by the Center in 2016. This year, health officials also spent Rs 20 crore. The information is being directed towards other schemes.

            Medical tests are being delayed because of the presence of an STS for ten teas for medical tests. The system that oversees the patients. If this situation persists, there is no doubt that AP will reach number one in the country for TB.

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