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Pravelli notice to Rahul Gandhi

January 6, New Delhi ( Sabha chairman Venkaiah Naidu has given a notice to Congress president Rahul Gandhi for a tarot that is the target of Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. Jaitley's name was addressed by Rahul Jaitley in the tweet. Dear Mr. Jaitley ... Rahul has said that you remember the country once again that there will never be any other thing to do with the prime minister. Rahul Gandhi has also posted a video of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's election speeches with his tweet. Rahul explains India's retreat with the gross divide politics, GDP, which has been a part of Jaitley's intellectual partnership with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. "The new investment in the 13-year low is due to a 63-year low. The fall in employment fell below the age of 1.7 per cent and agricultural growth has declined by 1.7 per cent. The fiscal deficit has risen to 8-year high. If the projects are over, they are uphill.

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