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Lakshma Reddy is a Munnabhai RP: Revant Reddy

Hyderabad, Jan 6 ( leader Raveendride allegedly sparked allegations against minister Laxmareddy. Speaking to a press conference on Saturday, the minister questioned the education. In the 2004 election, the affidavit reminded Lakshmereddy that he was 87. How was Laxman Reddy obtained Certificate from 88 at Gulbarga University in 1990? Revantreddy questioned. After the principle of college Principal Sampatravu pressimeta suspects are further strengthened. Hakey college principal Sampath Rao has been certified by Minister Laxmare Reddy. In 1985, Principal said that permission was granted to their college. Until 1985 the CCH was not allowed. He reads that he is studying in college without permission. Did Lakshma Reddy pass on in 1987 and in 1988? Gulbarga University ... HEC University? Questions are broken. Gulbarga University was granted permission in 1990. The minister asked Lakshma Reddy whether it was possible to pass from the university in 1988. Lakshmireddi registered in Telangana Board for Homeopathy? If you do, disclose the document. College Principal Sambhav Rao also said that Lakshmare Reddy was a boss. If he gets a job, he gets a job. That is why Vakalta was born on the behalf of Lakshmi Reddy. We are looking at what is why Fatima College is not allowed in AP. Laxma Reddy is definitely Munnabhai RMP. I am committed to these comments. Lakshmi Reddy sent me an embassy to leave me. I tell you the song. But, in social media, I'm promoting them favorably. In the presence of Lakshma Reddy in the council of their activists, the elders should have seen what songs have been sung for me. I have fans too. The words that you feel with me are coming to your home and my fans will talk to you. Laxma Reddy is not ready for it, Ketiar said.

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