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East Godavari, January 10 ( ... the name of the name of the hose that is there to tell you. This is Kajaki. Everyone is still rich. Laddu, Hyderabad is the name of the Pullareddy sweets, the names of those names are popular. Kakinada town sweet sweet history in the same range. The kotaiah kaaja found here is the name of Kakinadas

Kajalante ... Madathakaja, Bellamkaja, Sugar Kaja ... These are the names of many different types. But there is no alternative word for Kotayya Kaza. The same name from hundreds of years. However, instead of a store, another fourteen branches were found in Kakinada. In that case, the courtesy of the original Kotaiah will run on courts.

Ten years ago from Tenali, Ponugumati Kotaiah ... came to Kakinada and tasted Kajan to the people of this region. For two and a half decades, the hoodlum Kaza people came to mouth. With his death .. His cousin inherited this hose made up of kajaa. This tube is more than two decades. The taste is ... It is remarkable that the tube kazan is superb without monitoring error. There are 30 Kajah professionals working here. There are also the hereditary workers who work for over two decades.

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