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Ananthapur, January 10 ( are allegations that the Roads Department of the Roads Department has been targeted at service road tender beside the Ramnagar Railway Bridge in Anantapur city. Locals say that some engineers are saying everything is going on.  The tenders are called upon when they want to pay for various roads, and they say beforehand to talk to them, and that they are guiding the story accordingly.

There are also allegations that the tender pictures are being carried out, such as the tender for the tasks before the original tender is not done before and after that call. Generally, tenders should be called by the pro-test for any kind of work. Those who filed the tender for the lowest amount of tenders must be handed over. Make a deal with the contractor to ensure that the work is done and then payments. But there are doubts that this department is being dealt with by doing acts that are to be done in advance and some later called by tenders.

There are criticisms about the demolition of new structures in Ramnagar. The Ramanagar Bridge was constructed on both sides of the bridge. In the backdrop, the municipal shops that crossed the railway line have been demolished seven and seventeen months ago. Drainage is also built on the service road. But three months ago, the new tenders were called for the stores to collapse. Rs. These tenders were called up with an estimated 6.5 lakhs. Earlier, a monopoly was planning to get more money than expected cost of the company. However, tenders have been awarded to a tender that is tender for a 14% low cost. The news is that the tender is canceled and the tender is ready for another call. Locals say that some officials are taking this kind of effort to make their contractor K. Tender available. The officials want to take action to make such transparency checks and transparent tasks.

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