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Hyderabad, Jan 10, ( state government has started work on Telangana budget proposals. Secretary General SP Singh Singh held a meeting with the Secretaries of all departments in the Secretariat. What is the income coming to the state at this meeting? How is the GST growth rate then? How many funds are coming from the center of the state? How is development rate? There was a discussion on topics like this.

The Telangana Sarkar workshop started on the budget for the coming year. 2 lakh crore. The CS review was also conducted. Officials have concluded that the revenue from the petrol and excise revenue, along with the GST revenue, was around 19 per cent.

The proposals will be given to the CE. After examining the proposals given by the officials, the CM KCR is expected to hold a meeting on a budget exercise. On February 1, the central government will introduce the budget in Parliament. So how many funds from the center of the state? What plans are coming up? How is the share of taxes Are known. In the wake of the February 1, the state budget is likely to be fully developed.

At a meeting of the Secretaries, the Finance Ministry asked to give three types of information exclusively from all departments. The Center will be giving incentive grants based on the progress of the states' departments from the various departments of the Finance Ministry, SP said. The government has also asked the officials to submit details of their departments to the Telangana state through the 15th Finance Minister.

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