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Hyderabad, January 13, (WAY2NEWSTV.IN):
It is clear that women can not compete with males. How well it was to Western Culture that women had difficulties with a few men in competition. Girls who are competing with boys in the corporate era are accustomed to the pub culture and are spending "dam maro dum".

The cigarettes are blowing up without any loss to males. Now in the pubs and parties, the smokers who smoke are now shaking cigarettes without any obligation in public places. In a handset, the smartphone is emerging as smokers with another cigarette. Counties that work in multi-national companies do not decrease.

 The number of smoked girls in the country is much higher in the US than in the US surveys. In 1980, there were 2.48 crore smoking queens in the US while the number was reduced to 1.77 crore by 2018. In 1980, the number of smokers in the country has grown to over 1.5 million in 1980, but in the recent study, the Smoking Qins has to be reconsidered. Smoking is more common in women than women smoke. In the latest study, the toxins that are pumped into the body are exposed to urine excretion in women, while the toxins are carcinogenic sub-stans and remain in the body.

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