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Another district court in Kurnool

Kurnool, Jan 9, ( additional district court has sanctioned Kurnool district. Attorneys who have been waiting for years with the state high court order are happy. The state High Court has issued an order to form an additional district court in Allgarh. Additional district courts are in Kurnool, Adani and Nandhi. The lawyers are also upset when the district magistrates are now available in allotment. That is why the big case is going to be investigated. This can be regarded as a new chapter in the Allgar Judiciary. The 3rd Additional District Judge of the Nandis held a meeting with members of the Bar Association to take forward the additional action required for the additional district court. The additional district court has explained the benefits of setting up. There are only the Assistant Sessions Judge's Court and Judicial First Class Magistrates Courts in Olgaagandhi. Here are some of the lesser extremes than the extremes. The trial of cases related to assassinations will be held in the District Court of Nandila. In addition, the inquiry into the road accidents involving road accidents are also in district court. All the cases will be investigated as the Additional District Court will be available to the court allotment. The district attorneys have expressed their frustration with the fifth additional district court ruling.

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