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IndiGo services from Tirupati

Vijayawada, Jan 9, ( Airline has launched its operations in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Indigo launched its operations from Tirupati Airport. For the first time, it has started connecting Tirupati to Bangalore and Hyderabad. Tirumala from Bengaluru is more of a passenger strike. However, there is no flight from Bangalore to Tirupati. From now on, the connecting aircraft will have a low cost of Rs 1500. The flight services are currently available from Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Chennai, Dilli, Bangalore and Mumbai. Indigo has now launched its services in partnership with state-run airline Air India, along with Trujet, Aircoast and SpiceJet. There are 13 flights daily. There are special flights. The SpiceJet flight will depart from Renigunta at 4.30 pm every day and reach Mumbai via Hyderabad. The Air India flight will reach Dindigul from Hyderabad at 2.20 am every day. Travelers expect to start international services from Tirupati ... From now on, international services have not started yet ... People want it to start early ... Madanapalli in Chittoor district, Peleru, Puluttapattu, Gangadharanelore, Chittoor More from the Gulf of Rayalaseema to the Gulf. There is a demand for Dubai to start service from Renigunta. Sriwari's vision comes from two to five lakh aliens annually. This number can also be taken into consideration

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