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Toilets filled with pockets

Rajahmundry, January 9, ( central and state governments are stepping up to protect women's self-esteem, while the authorities are moving back two different directions. This is what the government has taken to take steps to build toilets in every house. The state government has already ordered the authorities to take the toilets of each house. The Srikakulam district is back in the construction of toilets and the government has ordered to complete the construction of each toilet by March. The same was done by the adjudicators. Officials are filling the pockets to calculate the predecessors in the district. Officers and contractors who have been building their own for the newly constructed ones are dumped and dutifully assembled. The construction of the toilets is absolutely essential for people to say that they do not have enough money to pay Rs 15,000 to the government. The locals say that the officials are ordered to order quality constructions in gingerbread in the district.

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