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Thousands of tickets at once with click

Mumbai, December 29, ( you tried to book a train ticket in  tatkal and failed many times? While sitting in front of the net, the tickets are going to end. But what if we do not have a ticket booked? This is behind the CBI's software programmer conspiracy. 35-year-old Ajay Garg is working as an assistant programmer at the CBI. He was in charge of the IRCTC during 2007-11. In that case, the loopholes in the railway software were invented. A software was created to book hundreds of tickets with a single click. Ajay Gupta, a computer graduate, sold the illegal software to Ajay travel agents. They were arrested by the police who were arrested in UP and the facts revealed. We have sold many software agents across the country. After installing this software on the computers of computers, they said that they were able to deliver the money to bit coins and hawala route. As a result, the surveillance was not enough. Ajay often changes his software credentials to get more money from agents. Gurg was arrested as an Assistant Programmer in CBI in 2012 and worked in the IRCTC while the lorries were found in the software, CBI officials said. Still, IRCTC has such flaws and says he is trying to correct them.

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