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Jaya life on silver screen

Chennai, December 29, ( is a period of biopic law. Playing well. People like to see them. That is why most biopics are being spent on quotes for crores. Jayalalitha is not only in the film industry but also in Tamil politics. Many mysteries about his personal life. What is the real thing? When Jayalalithaa died, Amma's death on Amma's death did not last. It just does not cool. Jayalalitha's love for the Tamil people's love as a revolutionary hero is going to be discovered on silver screen. This is going on. Bollywood producer Aditya Bhardwaj came forward to take Amo biopic. She met Jayalalithaa in a public meeting and then told her about biopic. Jayalalithaa said after speaking on this issue. But Aditya did not get the chance to speak after that. Amma will make changes in the script made in the rest of my life .. Jayalalitha Biopic will be released in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi with the latest script. The script completed the workshop. Pre-production works are going on. The shooting will begin in January or February. The movie was titled "Tai: Puratchi Thaalavi". Jayalalithaa's role in this film is still kept secret. "Tai: Puratchi Talai" means the revolutionary leader. It was announced that Ramagopal Varma will release the biopic of "Jayalalitha Shashikala". Jaya biopic is going to be released before it is over. The producers are making arrangements. The answer to the questions is whether or not Jayalalithaa's daughter.

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