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Sudeep joining Congress party

Hyderabad, December 29, ( Kannada film promotion has been strictly in the minds of the Kannada actress Kicha Sudeep's political entry as the villain in the film 'Eega'. The ruling Congress is trying to win in the upcoming elections. K. Siddaramaiah has plans to keep Kannada Sudip from the Congress party in the next Assembly elections. Recently Kicha Sudeep is working in Kannada political circles to meet Chief Minister Siddaramaiah. In the form of Kannada actor Vishnu Vardhan's memorial, actor Sudeep CE has been given a memorandum. Secret talks with Chief Sudeep on this occasion. Moreover, Sundeep Patient Ramya Kannada acting actively in the Congress party is making efforts to bring Sudip into the Congress party. Talking to Ramya recently, Sudip has come up with news that he will be contesting for the Congress in the 2018 elections. But Sudip has not made any statement on his political entry. The media was laughing without answering the question. However, in the upcoming elections, Sudip is joining the Congress saying that it is almost certainly Congress leaders. But in the last election, Sudip has been campaigning for the Congress in the Congress and Sudip has seen in the upcoming elections.

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