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The sale of fertilizers from January 1, E Pass Mission

The sale of fertilizers from January 1, E Pass Mission
Agriculture Secretary C. Parthasarathy

Hyderabad December 20 ( the directions of the Government of India, a review meeting was held with the District Agricultural Officers and Cooperative Officers of the Department of Fertilizers to be implemented by the Pass Mission in the State from January 1, Agriculture secretary  C. Parthasarathy speaking, there were 7236 fertilizers in the state that 6300 passes were supplied. So far, the passes of the district, which are in the district, have to be activated and the details should be given to the district-specific company representatives and their deficiencies should be corrected immediately. Also, these passes should be arranged for fertilizer dealers dealing with the passage of farm cooperative societies. It also ordered the removal of non-merchandising dealers. On this occasion, the Deputy Director General of the District 21,22, 23, held meetings with dealers and handed out dealers to activate these passing missions and urged the company to bring the defects to the attention of the company's representatives. In addition, each district / two districts have been ordered by the state fertilizer companies to appoint a separate company representative. It warns that the tiredness will not tolerate. From the 24th of December 2017, the Government of India has to make sure that these passing missions will be done on 25th day since Zero Stroke Balance is done on all these passing missions. It will have to schedule the details of all these passing missions in the districts of the 25th, 26th and 27th day of the scheduled dates and the relevant zonal agricultural officer should confirm such stock details. The Indian government has taken a lot of reputation and warned that there was no disregard for this program. The sale of fertilizers from January 1, 2018 will be carried out entirely through these passing missions, which will be canceled if any dealerships are sold. Therefore, the district agricultural officials should give relevant written memorandums to the fertilizer dealers, discuss the issue with the collectors and conduct a wide range of campaigns with public representatives, as well as local cable TVs, press Meet, local TV campaigns etc. Have also suggested to take. After January 1, 2018, any dealer would cancel the licenses through these pass missions, alleging that the departmental activities of the respective, district agriculture officer, assistant agricultural officer and the zonal farm officials would be inaccurate. The Agriculture Commissioner Dr. M. Jagan Mohan, IAS Cooperative Department officials and state level company representatives participated.

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