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The field is ready to start the forensic lab

Aamravati, December 26 ( state level forensic science laboratory will be set up southwest of Tullururu village in the Amravati region of the capital. 28th Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu will be set up this month. Three acres have already been allocated for the lab. One district has regional science laboratories. The state level laboratory is currently in Hyderabad. The government will lay the foundation for the construction of the State Level Lab in the capital Amravati. This science lab report is crucial in criminal investigation. Based on them, the police detect the accused and criminalize the crime. DNA tests will also take place in this lab. Farmers say that they are happy to be able to set up an all-encompassing lab in the capital. Farmers have asked the Chief Minister several times in the past to set up a project in Tuluru. The government has decided to set up a laboratory in consideration of the farmers' listening. The CID Police officers and CRDA officials visited the site where the concrete was laid. Officials have decided to set up a helipad to get the Chief Minister.

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