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Amma's video on the way to Dinakaran's victory!

Chennai December 25( Tamils came to judgment. That's the video of Amma, that is what Dineshakaran said. Why is Dinakaran facing allegations that he has been given almost five to ten thousand votes each? How did you win Now it has become a hot topic. Her younger siblings .. her friends are so fluffy her fans .. why are the Tamil people voted to give birth to the boy's nephew? How did you win with such a huge margin? Now it has become a big question. One time penning and dramatic developments in the RK Nagar by-election counting process was a big difference for the opponents of Dinakaran. Dinkakaran, who is known as a young nephew, is an Independent candidate. Arkhnagar has been a fan of the people. In fact, before a by-election, a Dannyakaran survey, conducted by a TV channel, Who has changed the minds of the people in the final moments? How did it become Now it's interesting. Dinakaran's victory is not a sensation. According to the opinion of many people, Dinakaran said that he has benefited from the release of a video of Vettrivel Amma for the pigeon group. To release the video in Amma hospital during the crucial polls in the by-elections, I thought that the reason for suspicion is the lack of childhood and coefficients. The Election Commission has expressed a surprise on this video. This video footage is not a publicity election The community has imposed restrictions. The media is cautious as Easy said .. The social media is heavily viral. According to the video released a day before the crucial poll, it is clear that Amla was admitted to the hospital. There was nothing in the hospital saying that there was no unconsciousness in the hospital. It made sense for her recovery. And that's a good thing about Amma's video. Rana Nagar, who has come to the conclusion that the plan has been planned to hurt the Shakti faction by expressing doubts on the death of the dead and the argument that such a strategy has been pursued by the DMK. However, the opinion that the video was released a day before polling was made to change the mindset set.

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