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Hyderabad, December 27 ( the Telangana state government was the first to recruit teacher posts, the unemployed teachers who are working as teachers in private educational institutions are expected to get government jobs. Unemployed teachers who have waited for nearly five years have been wrestling with books to get a job now. This time, the competition was over, with some of the vacant posts being replaced without replacement of all vacant posts.
While many teachers say goodbye to private companies that some of the teachers in private schools are difficult to get a job as a teacher job, others have already holidays. There are also provisions for Ded and BED candidates to be teachers in government-recognized schools. Many private school owners are worried about how to complete the syllabus and get better results if the training teachers go to the exams as soon as the announcements are scheduled. Deed and BED do not teach courses, like PGC and some of them are educated in the schools, while some schools are educated with part-time teachers.
Parents are worried that the most crucial pedagogical experience is that the teachers who have completed their training and have been educated with new people will be affected by the future of their children. Several unemployed teachers have already gone out in many schools, though the DAE and BED completed teachers are not even going from school to exams. The TSPCC issued notification for 8,792 teachers posts in Government and Panchayati Raj schools. Priorities in the recruitment process of teachers will be implemented in a two-way test system in the form of mains.
Basically a pedestrian is selected by 15 people and a test for mains. The marks in the mains examination are 80% and the mark marks are made up of 20% by merit lists. According to the NCTE rules, 50% marks are required. Unemployed teachers are working hard to find good marks in these tests.

538 posts will be replaced in the joint Karimnagar district. These include language Pandit posts 95, PET 117, School Assistants 249, School Assistant PETs 3 and SGT 74 posts. After the announcement of the announcement of the TIRT prior to the annual examination, private school owners and parents should wait for the results in the wake of the anxiety.

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