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The Forensic Lab in AP, the foundation laid down today

Vijayawada, December 27, ( any of the crimes occurred in the state, they would be guilty of criminal charges and thieves and cadets should be sent to the forensic lab in Hyderabad, waiting for their report, our police ... But now we are going to suffer ... There is no need to run to the forensic lab in Hyderabad. State Level Forensic Science Laboratory will be set up in our amaravasam. The Government has accepted this ... not only to accept it but also to laying the foundation ...
The State Level Forensic Science Laboratory will be set up southwest of Tullururu village in the Amravati region of the capital. 28 Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu will be set up this month. The CRAA has allocated three acres for State Level Forensic Science Laboratory. Each district has a Regional Science Laboratory. The state level laboratory is currently in the state of Hyderabad and is presently in Hyderabad. Even after the division of the state, our police came to the forensic lab in Hyderabad. As a result, the accused have been avoided due to lack of evidence and the need to provide the necessary evidence during the trial. The government has decided to set up a State Level Lab in Amravati, This science lab report is crucial in criminal investigation. DNA tests will also take place in this lab. Farmers claim that the Chief Minister has requested several times to set up a preliminary project in Tulururu surroundings and it is happy to have all the preparatory labs in the capital. The Police Department also says that if this lab is completed soon, there will be no possibility to prove the offense of criminality without hitting Hyderabad.

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