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Movie theater bandh from March

Hyderabad, December 26 ( Film Chamber chairman and sub-committee Telugu Film Chamber Chairman Gemini Kiran Secretariat has decided to ban films and theaters and shooting in two states from the day that the digital lease policy is not reduced by the digital lights in the Telangana Film Chamber of Commerce. Ram Man The program was organized to support teliyajestunnatlu's Meet the Press copies of the Chairman of Andhra Pradesh Film Chamber vice president Venkat Sai Ramakrishna Goud Secretary Ali Khan took part in the Lion.
   Telangana Film Chamber Chairman Pratanam Ramakrishna Goud said that we have been fighting for industrial issues over the past 15 years. We have been fighting for digital policy and the theater system for a long time. We have to come up with policies in our states. Digital TV is a show of Rs 13000 a week Is doing side by side We need only 2500 rupees a day in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Bombay. This rate requires more than 50,000 rupees deposit. This process did not see the three hundred (300) of the censors completed. This is because we are the three producers in our Telugu industry Together with thousands of producers and distributors of blood
 The Telangana Film Chamber Secretariat Sai Venkat said that the Chairman of the Telangana Film Chamber had been in the forefront of the delay in 7 days on film industry issues after the Telangana Film Chamber Members were together in front of the Telugu Film Chamber in front of the Telugu Film Chamber. Ministers Mahender Reddy, Venugopala Chari, Burra Nursi Goud, Edak empikotta Prabhakar Reddy and others were to abort, but still have problems as well as to guarantee the fast would have calmed down now, it will not resolve the movement and warned of severe udrutam.

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