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Dial 100 connector for Hyderabad cops

Hyderabad, December 26, ( Police is upgrading technology further. For this purpose, various cellphone service providers are writing letters and preparing for their help. If the providers cooperate, the address of the phone will be revealed immediately. The victims will be able to provide more immediate assistance. The City Police has been conducting a record of the calls coming from Dial 100 up to April this year. More than 90,000 calls were received by City Police. About 3.5 minutes to 4 minutes of the victims addressed the address. The speed of police services increased when the dial 100 calls were connected to the Hyderabad Cops App. When the phone was dialed 100, ... the call center ... from the police station to the respective sector .. then the bluecote and patrol staff. There was no accuracy on how long the police responded. There was no supervision of superiors on the way the lower staff responded to phone calls. However, due to increased customer accountability, the phone has been connected to Mobile Cops Mobile App. Each call is responsible for every call being recorded. People are getting faster service. When information about an event goes to dial 100, all details will be recorded there. The Dial 100 Calcutta is connected to Hyderabad Cops Mobile App. Thus the recorded information in the caller immediately relates to the location of the petrol and blue cell staff in the area to the mobile phone. The mobile application will be familiar with the GPS as it is on the dial 100 calendar where the incident is located. JPs have been set up for patrolling vehicles and connected to Hyderabad cops. Those close to the cellar are soon alerted. This information will be simultaneously arriving at the police station, along with field staff. The beep sound comes when the patrolling mobile staff on the field is in the cell phone and tabs. Recognize that the message has been received from 100 dials, and the staff will immediately open it. As soon as the information is received, the crew should go to the venue. The time has come when the message arrives, the recording and the location of the event are on record. The calls in Hyderabad cops are typically timer for response time. The timer turns off when the event takes place. The time taken from the receiving time to the cellar is calculated as a response time. Some people go for a minute and some are going in 4 minutes. That day, the police station, division, zones, calls and response times are counted and the response time limit within the Commissionerate is calculated. The concerned police station SHHO should be supervised after the field staff can go to the cellar. Every day Dial 100 has thousands of calls for Hyderabad, where only calls for police transfers dial 100. To date, the dial 100 was to address the address. If someone was in a new area and was in trouble then there was a situation where the victims were not aware of the address. However, the phone caller does not have such problems. Thus the technology of the complainant is also being upgraded to the record as well as the recognition. City Police seeks the cooperation of cell phone calls service providers. Sometimes there are people who complain about brakes. It is possible to identify such people. Service providers will be able to strengthen the system within a couple of months if the cooperation with Hyderabad police is preceded.

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