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Amravati, December 23 ( the districts of Godavari district are ready for Sankranthi Sundari. Arrangements are going on while the festivals are still another quarter. West Bengal and West Godavari are busy performing bargains in the East Godavari district. Purchase of poultry also started. This time also the information received from the representatives of the public to ensure 'allowance' for at least three to five days.
This time, there are more than five hundred villages in East Godavari. I. in the area of Konaseema In Muralamala village in the Polavaram mandal, chicken paddies are taking place at a large scale. People who are interested in the state and also abroad are also coming here. This year, the night between the power lights and the lights were different.
Led scrubs and drone cameras are also named. It is said that this time there will be 'extraordinary' arrangements. Some of the videos that were handled by Sankranti were posted on YouTube. 2,55,372 people were seen in Balussuppappu last Sankranti. There is a growing number of 'views' per day.
Since November last year, businesses have been upset after the announcement of the elderly. There has been some impact on the slopes. But ... this time it is not. The currency is well crafted. Along with businesses, the bets are also expected to be huge. Pandanga Hadaavadhi is a famous tourist attraction in Bhimavaram area of Sankranthi. The call to relatives and close friends is going to be 'come to Pandak'. The number of people coming to Bhimaram during Sankranti is growing every five years. Accordingly, hotel rooms are now booked and booked by Advance. Private guest houses are also available in large numbers. Bar and restaurants with new alcohol policy have now become new colors. With the prospect of doing business,
There are about 50 varieties of wager. The color and body are known by names such as peacock, crow, eagle, ramsagi, amberasu, seethu, grupaku, sava, kasangi .. Each bet is priced between Rs.5,000 to Rs. Increasing them is also a distinct art. After the rains fall in June, the chicken falls. This is called a scrub. The chicken eggs are packed so as to increase blood growth in the chickens. Every 15 to 30 eggs and six almonds are kept daily for each chicken.
Keema is also eaten. Pour water in the sphere and swim practice for a hundred days. During training, do not go to the boxes. In the morning, a long cord is placed in the sun for 2 hours. The vagina, the sink leaf, the bamboo leaves in the water and clean their body with warm water. This is called water sinners. When a little bit of a little bit of chicken gets used, the drugs are used alert. Sankranti chicken breeding has become a major industry in East Godavari.

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