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AP RTC with new plan

Vijayawada, December 23, ( has come up with new arms ... The RTC has already run gas-driven buses to reduce the pollution of the cities ... VTC has been successful and the RTC is looking for more efficient and electric buses than they have purchased from the Goldstone Company's Electronic Bus. The bus was introduced on the market by 100 per cent electrically and decided to run the RTI experiment. The bus came to Vijayawada Depot garage on Wednesday. After the completion of the registrations, Ranthi RTC is running experimentally between Gannavaram and Vellalpadi. If the trial is successful, more electric buses are likely to arrive. Electric buses are rotated across the state ... The electronic bus does not smoke. There is nothing special engine. Fully working with electric charge. This bus has powerful batteries. These batteries are packed for four hours. The Vijayawada Depot Garage has a temporary charging station in the garage. The specialty of the buses are the availability of air buses ... The bus is attractive and comfortable ... making powerful batteries with cathedral material ... having a powerful charging system Charging fast ... if you charging once 350 ... the bus is a total of 47 runs ilomitarlu seating. .. This Battery Management System (BMS) is ... Battery Safety This limits ... Creating Fire Safety Batteries Another specialty is the Air Suspension System for the uninterrupted travel ... Onboard map and navigation systems. ..CC Camera Monitoring ... It's completely noisy bus. The bus starts to start and the sound does not come anywhere. The door is the start of all the doors.

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