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Actors: Akhil Akkineni .. Kalyani Priyadarshan .. Ajay .. Jagapathi Babu .. Ramayakrishna and others
Music: Anup Rubens
Producer: Akkineni Nagarjuna
Director: Vikram K. Kumar.
Akkineni's successor who has flapped the first film with Akhil .. After a lot of gap .. Nagarjuna is also very much concerned about the film. Vikram K. Kumar was the director of the film which was a remake of 'Akkineni's family'. Tollywood has focused on the film as the trailers are impressive. Have you got the expectations of Akkineni successor? We have made Vikram magic like 'us'
Story: Seenu (Akhil) orphan. Cheese (Kalyani) is an elderly girl. The relationship between the two occurs. Seen music is very much like cheese. Unexpectedly the cheese family leaves Delhi. The two who look to each other as a soulmate are waiting for one another. After 15 years the cheese family wishes to leave the United States. Hyderabad comes to the chest with any kind of cheese. How are they met? The two who are familiar with the names of the other have identified their love. Things to see on the screen.
How is it: there is nothing new in Story. Childhood friends are not new to Tollywood. Nagarjuna has done this story with confidence in director Vikram Mark Taking. Vikram also gave the new version of the routine story to the trust. In the first half, the childhood episode was shown as different. . The split comes with a twist in the story when the cheesy is known to be a phone call away. From there, the movie will be speeding at speed. Seen is an avaricious sequence .. At that time, the scenes in the background of Ramakrishna and Jagapathi Babu are very emotional. First half seems to have ended soon. The original story is in the second half. The heroic heroines who have been mocked by migratory names are going through scenes such as knowing that they are both young friends. The climax trending looks good.
How to do: Akhil and Kalyani are doing well. Both chemistry came in. Akhil has matured in his acting career. He played well in the climax. He also fights in fights. The first half of Kalyani's role is not very important. In the second half she also gave good emotions. Jagapathi Babu and Ramakrishna are the strongest of the characters. Technically .. the film is well done. Fights made by Bob Brown, Anoop Rubens Music, Vinod Cinematography, etc. Everything has become a plus for the film. Vikram is a routine story.
Plus points
+ Emotions
+ Akhil acting, dance
+ Music

Minus Points

- Routine Story

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