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Road works speed up: Minister Jagdish Reddy...

Hyderabad, December 12 ( Jagdish Reddy expressed dismay over the failure to work on the construction works of Surichapeta District Dakararam-Kodali Road. Warned that there was no delay in the construction of roads. On Tuesday, the Surya Pettah district held a review meeting with the concerned officials on Roads, Water & Mission, Bhagirath Panchayats. Speaking at the meeting, Kushumarigudem-Shettipayam road was ordered to notify the construction agency. Roads construction works with no less than Rs 100 crore are not being implemented. Suggested that the progress of the work should be kept up to date. Complete Mission Kakatiya-4 proposals. He noted that mini tank carpets were built to carry out the long-term balance sheet of bulls. He also said that he should get administrative approvals for modernization of mosquito channels along with check-dams headed on Palaruu-Mulli rivers. The proposals for the construction of the mini-Tiank Batta which were built on Pullareddi Cheruvu said, The Minister said that by December 31, the mission should complete the pipeline work in the rural areas and in the rural areas. Ravindar Rao, Ganapathy Reddy and other senior officials were present at the review meeting.

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