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American Operation Mum

New York, December 13, ( again focuses on the moonlight. Trump said on signing the new space policy ... NASA urged Americans to take up the moon. NASA already has plans to send people to Mars in the future. So, Trump believes that it will be useful for the experiment when the Americans are sent to the moon. The American flag on the moon is not the same as the American footprint. We will start a foundation for Mars mission. " The last of the American astronauts went to the moon as part of the Apollo mission conducted between 1960 and 1972. Thereafter, changes in the American space system were made. That was already ... in 1969 American Neal Armstrong landed on the moon. Then Harrison Schmidt also spent on the moon. The then President Barack Obama canceled the project, considering it would cost far more to reopen the missions. Instead, by 2030, the space program was designed to focus on the idea of sending Americans to Mars. But now Trump is still thinking of sending astronauts onto the moon. The White House has stated that there is a possibility of a deal with private sector companies

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