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From this month the city metments: Minister KTR..

Hyderabad, December 12 ( KTR said that before the Government of India Government, we have started the Sway Hyderabad. On Tuesday he spoke to the media. We have created awareness on the worst of all the people in the city. In the past three thousand tons of garbage collectors are now collecting four thousand tonnes. Trying to convert wetland into compost and attempt to turn the waste into a current product. In the past, oldest homes were on the roads. 20 vehicles have been set up to collect veteri. Fewer blocks are made from construction waste and two plants have been set up in the city for this purpose. We have to set up garbage treatments on all sides for the city only in Jawahar Nagar. He said, from 16th of this month, we will set up town hall meetings from Kutublapur in our city. He said that all the participants will be participating in these meetings till 350 people. There is considerable progress in water supply in the city. Traffic and Roads are yet to be improved, KTR said. He said that Hyderabad is one of the fastest growing cities in India.

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