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Rangana sthalam 18 crore Nizam Rights...

Hyderabad, December 11, ( Charan Teja's latest movie 'Venkatelam -1985' presents record-breaking numbers in the pre-release business. The film is being produced with a huge budget and the news is about the news release of Nizam Rights now. Yuvi creations are worth the price of Rs 18 crores for this movie. The biggest release of this movie is the biggest release of the movie in Nizam. NTR and Mahesh Babu's movies are much cheaper than Nizam's rights Ram Charan Teja movie price. Ram Charan's career in the Nizam area is the lowest in the series. However, it is noteworthy that Uwevi Creations bought the area's theatrical rights for 18 crores. The company is also doing a huge degree in distribution. Variegated cinematic promotion, Sukumar's direction on guesses, etc. All of this is going to bring the pre-release business to a large extent. In the rest of the Telugu region, in the remaining parts of the country, Overseas, the release of the film is likely to touch a hundred million mark.

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