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Chinese troops again at Doklam...

New Delhi, December 11, ('s forces were heavily restored at Doklum. Around 1600 to 1800 Chinese army camp was established there. Two helipads, huts, stores are set up in the freezing cold and show their dominance in the area. The Indian Army also confirmed that the Chinese Army was deployed at the Jhamperie Ridge in the southern part of Doxlum. China has argued on this issue. People's Liberation Army (China Army) camps are organized every year in summer and winter. The current camp has been set up in this background. But the Indian Army reviewing the situation from time to time has been vigilant. Yet, the Sino-Bhutan-Tibet Tri-Junction, which is 73 days old, has been in the midst of intense tensions between India and China. When heavy weapons move, the scenes of China and India soldiers, who have been accused of repelling action, were shocked at that time. What is going on in the backdrop of the latest scenario is the worst.

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