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Teluginti kodaluga rakul

Hyderabad, December 11, ( heroines are occasionally describing beautiful dreams about their weddings. There are many young people who are dreaming of dreams and they say that the words that are about their weddings are very interesting. Rakul Preet Singh also pretends to make such statements. But now that he is enjoying the top status of the heroine, she does not have the time to marry, but she tells her about her future. Rukul has put the condition that the fiancée should be at least six feet in height. Now, the interesting thing is that this Punjabi family is saying that he will even be a Tamil housekeeper. In an interview about marriage, 'Rachel said:' What if I do not want to be fatigued? ' It is clear that he is ready to marry the Telugu boy. Here is another interesting fact: rakul is close to a Telugu hero. Rumors are falling on their love. Now she is giving signals as she is ready to become a daughter. Will she even marry the Telugu hero?

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