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Rahul to strengthen Congress party Talk across the country...

New Delhi December 12, ( party is aged 132 years. Rahul Gandhi is 47 years old. The Grand Old Party Congress was today elected President of Rahul Gandhi. The Congress party is currently weak across the country. Whether Rahul will strengthen the party or not is it all over the country. Now Rahul is the one who is in doubt about it. Now the Congress is the largest opposition party in the country. In the 2014 elections, only 20 per cent of the party's popular votes were won. In the election, the BJP led by Modi was pushed to victory. In the last parliamentary elections, Congress had only 44 seats. That means only 8 percent of the 543 seats have won those seats. This is the worst performance of the Congress party history. In that election, the party lost in about six states. The party is currently in power in large states of Karnataka Punjab. There are three other smaller states in the state. Gujarat hopes that the party will win in the Himachal Pradesh elections. From 2009 to 2014, people have been away from the Congress. At that time, the party lost nearly 9 percent of the popular vote. Various castes have lost support for minorities. The Congress won the last time in 1962 in Tamil Nadu. The party has not been in power since 1977 in West Bengal. The party loses its popularity in Uttar Pradesh Bihar provinces. At this stage, Rahul Gandhi has expressed doubts about whether the party will change the future. In fact Rahul entered the public life from Amethi 13 years ago. But the chanels are silent. In 2013, Rahul became the second senior party leader. But since then the party has not changed much. Rahul has worked for organizational changes in the party. But the party has not been able to make a big difference in attracting voters. Rahul has been replaced by Top Party as the party's president. It will fill some new enthusiasm in party wards. But the political strategies he follows will now change to the party. Gujarat Himachal's results are to be changed or waiting for Rahul's favor. There is another doubt that the current youth will be pulled out of Rahul's politics. If Rahul attracts young leaders with a clear goal, the party will have a better future. What will Rahul do? Wait.

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