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Warangal, December 12, ( is learned that your child is studying in the classroom at a particular school. If you add an intermediate to our college, we will get a discount on the fee. If a good grade in ten will give more subsidies, children's parents are being abused. Kadapa, Pudukottur, Rajpetta and Royachotti have been taking place in several towns over the past few days. Talking on the phone with students' parents. For now, admissions starting in June have come into play. There are allegations that they are dealing with the lack of supervision of the Education Officers. Among these are students from private schools. At present, corporate colleges across the country are special focus. They are trying to collect the addresses related to the students and go to their homes and talk with parents to make them join the colleges. Some private and corporate academies have already been informed that the students who are already in their jobs do not slip in the middle of the ticket, Prior to the seat reservation, parents are being blessed with more than one percent. Then we go to that college and do not return the fees that our trio do. It is also a business for private colleges. Targets are being pumped up for faculty, along with staff working in colleges. All of them go to the students' homes on Sunday for job security, counseling parents and fees subsidies. Some of the others are commissions and information is available to get more admission. Prior to the commencement of the tenth class semester exams, private individuals are moving around for their entrances. Students' parents want to intervene and intervene. The RIO's description of this issue is not available for the purpose.

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