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Manmohan Singh's letter to Congress..

New Delhi December 12, ( whether the Prime Minister apologized, ex-Prime Minister Manmohan Singh wrote a letter of doubt that he has been forced to put his own party. Iyer did not talk about the Gujarat election in a dinner program at Ayyar, who did not even talk about the Gujarat election. Only the Indo-Pak relations were discussed. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said in his letter that Modi expects PMs to apologize to the people of the country to save the Prime Minister's office. As soon as Manohanan accepted this, the BJP landed in. When asked whether the meeting was true, Manmohan, who worked in a responsible position, asked why the information was kept confidential. Asked why the Foreign Ministry did not provide information. The Congress party has fallen out of defense. The electoral heat is growing in Gujarat, which is the state of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Oppositions - Criticism - The ruling BJP-Opposition Congress is increasingly uplifting this with every criticism. Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has responded to the allegations made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi as the party leaders discussed with the Pakistani authorities to defeat the BJP in the Gujarat polls. He has released a letter today on the issue. Prime Minister Manmohan criticized Modi for making false allegations of political gains. The former prime minister said that he was acting in a way that was the reason for the defeat. Prime Minister Narendra Modi alleges that the allegations made him very much hurt in Gujarat. Manmohan Singh has criticized the constitutional offices for making his power thirsty. "There is no need to suspect Congress party on nationalism - why did not the PM go to Pakistan without Modi invitation? He should say that he wanted to push the ISI agents in the Pathankot air base, "Manmohan said. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has accused Pakistan of interfering in the Gujarat assembly elections. Speaking at a poll meeting in Palanpur on Sunday, Congress leaders in the former Union Minister Mani Shankar Aiyar met with Pak officials. Former Foreign Minister Manmohan Singh, former Pakistani Vice-President - former Pakistani High Commissioner to Pakistan The next day I said, This is a very serious issue and the party should answer it, "Modi said. The former Army General Director General (DG) Sardar Arshad Rafeek asked why the Gujarat Chief Minister, Ahmed Patel, should be the Gujarat chief minister. On the one hand, the Pakistani intervention in the Gujarat elections .. on the other hand the Congress leaders meet with Pak ... That's the same after Gujarat's poor and weaker sections - to insult Modi. They questioned the audience. TVs about the secret meeting - the Prime Minister who came in the magazines and did not disclose their names. The Prime Minister has not mentioned the name of Vice-President Hamid Ansari, but former vice president of BJP president Amit Shah has said in Gandhinagar that Congress has already responded to this. Congress spokesperson Rani Deb Surjevala questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi why the prime minister of the then Prime Minister Sharif Manamari had gone to Pakistan after the terror attack in Gurdaspur - Udaipur. Prime Minister Narendra Modi's allegation that the Congress leadership was meeting with the ex-minister of the country, the Pakistani Ambassador said. He has been accused of losing the elections in Gujarat. Why was the ISI leaked to the Pathankot Air Force Base?

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